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Lobster Information

Lobster Conservancy
The Lobster Conservancy studies lobsters and seeks to improve biological knowledge of the American lobster and put it to work in fishery and environmental management.
A Lobster's Life Cycle
Find out why lobsters are sometimes called "bugs," and other information about lobsters' life cycle, diet, molting, predators, courtship and mating, and pregnancy.
Cooking Maine Lobster
Easy instructions for steaming or boiling live lobsters.
How to Eat a Lobster
Step-by-step instructions and illustrations on the most efficient method to eat a lobster without wasting a bite.
Lobster Companies
Links to Maine lobster companies where you can order fresh lobster delivered to your home overnight (order online or by phone).
Lobster Information
Follow the series of links to fascinating information about lobsters, from "what is tomalley?" to "why does a lobster turn red when it's cooked?"
Lobster Nutritional Information
Plain lobster (skip the melted butter) is a guilt-free food, low in fat and calories. Get the nutritional scoop here, compared to beef, chicken, and turkey.
Lobster Parts
Lobsters' teeth are in their stomachs. Other interesting facts about the internal anatomy of a lobster are revealed by following a clam consumed by a lobster through the lobster's digestive system.
Lobster Recipes
Links to lots of delicious lobster recipes from New England inns and restaurants from About.com's New England for Visitors Guide, Kim Knox.
Lobstering Facts
How do lobstermen know which traps are theirs? The answer to this question and others about the life of a lobsterman is found in this article.
Lobster Sex
Yes, Virginia, lobsters do have sex. And here's how they do it.
Lobstering History
Did you know that lobsters were once considered "poverty food?" This interesting article tells the history of lobstering in Maine, and includes great black and white photos.
Storing Fresh Lobsters
Information on how to store fresh lobster, cooked or uncooked.
The Lobstering Page
A site dedicated to providing information about the lobster--its behavior, how it's harvested, and the lobsterman's way of life.
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