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Maine Moose in My Back Yard
Meet Monty, a frequent visitor to my backyard here in Maine.
Searching for Bullwinkle: A Maine Moose Safari
An account of my quest to come snout-to-snout with a Maine moose.
Moose Evolution
Ancient history and evolution of moose.
The Best Time To Go Moosing Is When They're Reproducing
When it's moose breeding season in Maine, your chances of spotting a moose have never been better. Read about moose mating and why it increases the likelihood of seeing one of these strange creatures.
Moose Eating Habits
What, when, and where moose eat.
Moose Habitat
Pictures of likely and unlikely moose habitat.
Moose Physical Descriptions/Habits
Physical characteristics, eating and reproductive habits, survival, Maine moose hunting information, from Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
Moose Reproduction
Everything you ever wanted to know about moose reproduction but were afraid to ask.
Moose Sounds
Ever wonder what a moose sounds like? Wonder no more. This .wav file will satisfy your curiosity.
More Moose Facts
Information about moose characteristics, appearance, and families.
Moose Design
The moose is a homely creature, but this site explains why the moose's design is well-suited for life in a northern climate.
Moose Chat
ICQ Moose interest group. Join live chat about moose!
Moose Photo Gallery
Photos of moose of every description!
Another Moose Photo Gallery
Great pictures of bull moose with huge racks, mothers and babies.
Wading Moose
Moose in a pond.
Moose Twins Swimming with Moose Mother
Twin baby moose swimming behind their mother.
Yearling Moose
A male yearling with small antlers.
Maine Moose Safari: A Photojournal
Join About.com's Guide to New England for Visitors on our Maine moose safari, with photos!
More Moose Photos
Lots of moose photos.
Moose Postcards
Send a moose postcard to a friend.
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